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Winter Writing Hibernation and SNEAK PEEK!

Just wanted to let my vis­i­tors and blog read­ers know that I am tak­ing a small break from posting/​updating/​tweeting for a few weeks in order to con­cen­trate on fin­ish­ing Dress Rehearsal, the sec­ond book in the Order of Lilith series. My goal is to … Continue read­ing

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Ebook Cover Design: Evolution of a Romance Novel Ebook Cover

Ebook cover design is one of the aspects of indie pub­lish­ing that is most intim­i­dat­ing to many of us authors. People really do judge a book by its cover – even if it’s an ebook. The ebook cover image has to con­vey the … Continue read­ing

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Talking Dirty At Good Vibrations Magazine

I’m so pleased and excited to announce that I’ll be doing some writ­ing for Good Vibrations Magazine. My first arti­cle, “Talking Dirty: How Language Affects Our View of Sex” is up now. Here’s an excerpt: We have a wealth of words we … Continue read­ing

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Free E-​book: Limited Time Smashwords Coupon

Everyone Loves A Free Ebook, Right?

Especially when…

It’s about a delec­tably sexy incubus,
And his bril­liant and sul­try suc­cubus part­ner,
Who invade the dreams of a not-​so-​innocent English miss,
And turn her into a lit­tle siren,
To seduce the local cler­gy­man,
And have some pretty hot sex them­selves while they’re at it.
Oh, and it’s also lyri­cally writ­ten and has deeper themes of grace, love, and for­give­ness. It’s erotica…with a PLOT, dar­ling. And fully-​developed CHARACTERS.

As well as SEX.

A lot. Of sex.

Beautiful, classy, curl-​the-​toes sexy sex as only the Sorceress of Sex can write it.

Who wouldn’t want a free ebook like that?

So here it is: By Her Own Hand, the first book in the new Order of Lilith series. And I’m offer­ing it to you as a free ebook down­load through Smashwords – for THREE DAYS.
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Introducing…the Sorceress of Sex

OMG, I’ve just been nick­named! I have three very good friends: Bear, Tiger, and Raven. Bear is my life part­ner and damn good lover. Tiger and Raven are two of the sweet­est, clos­est friends I could ever have. Like lovers of my spirit and mind and heart.

Together, they are my sup­port sys­tem, my muses, my cre­ative lifeblood. And they make me laugh and think hard and grow up and become a bet­ter per­son than I would ever be on my own. They are also all pretty damn sexy and bril­liant in their own right.

When I decided to write erot­ica, they were the first peo­ple I told. And because of their loy­alty and love (and because they are just such fuck­ing awe­some and fun peo­ple), I used my lit­er­ary god­dess pow­ers to turn them into ani­magi and named each of them after ani­mals that are appro­pri­ate to their strengths and personalities.

They’ve been try­ing to give me a nick­name in return ever since. I told them I would be the Lynx – so we would all have ani­ma­gus pow­ers. But Tiger was not sat­is­fied. I could feel him prowl­ing around the English lan­guage, hunt­ing for the per­fect moniker with which to dub me.
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